Monday, December 20, 2010

Homeschool Beginnings.....

After much prayer and discussion we have decided to homeschool. I am very excited about the curriculum I have picked out. We chose to use Sonlight Core K and supplement with additional activities to extend the core out. After searching and searching and searching for a website that had supplements to Sonlight Core K with no avail (I did find a couple, but they were not what I was looking for) I decided to take the plunge and use resources from all over and do it myself. So, along with our normal crafty posts (which have been severely lacking lately-sorry) I will be posting our homeschool adventures in hopes that it might help someone else as well! I hope that anyone who is considering homeschooling, who is currently homeschooling with another curriculum, or who is using the Core K will enjoy what we are doing and give me feedback and ideas as well!

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