Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Does someone want to come over and supervise while I use my circular saw? I know this will probably crack some of you up, but my Christmas present this year was power tools. I recieved not only a circular saw, but also a jig saw and I cant wait to use them. I have SO many projects I want to do and not enough time at all!

Right now I have the materials purchased to make a set of 3 bar stools for my kitchen counter. I decided I just can not pay over $100 a piece when I can just make them myself for much less. Well, the problem is-I have never used a saw before and frankly, as excited as I am, Im a little nervous to do it while I am home alone or even with the kids here.

So, do I wait until hubby is home, or just go for it and keep the phone close by?


  1. For Christmas I got a jig saw ans my husband got a stand mixer. That's the way it is at our house. Go for it. You don't need his help.

  2. LOL- That is funny! I really would go out and get started if it wasnt so cold right now. It is only 19 degrees this morning!

  3. You have been nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award:

  4. If it were me, I'd read all the instructions really well and then do it when my husband was home to watch the kids. I'd love to see the bar stools when you get them done!