Sunday, March 6, 2011


I have jumped on the workbox bandwagon and could not be happier! I am loving the organization of it all as well as the excitement in the kids!

Here's how I make it work:

I liked the idea of using drawers. First reason why is because I have 2 little people running around, and second because we do school in our dining room and I wanted it to look at least ok with our decor! I bought these 10 Drawer units from SamsClub for around $33 each. The one here doesn't even look as good as mine, same unit but mine is in bronze to match our decor.

Next, I got out my laminator and got busy making numbers for the drawers. I used numbers from Confessions of a Homeschooler, which is an awesome homeschool blog if you haven't ever visited it before! I used the Transformer numbers for Little Man and the Princess numbers for my princess of course ;) I printed, laminated, cut out, and used sticky velcro on the backs and then onto each drawer.

What is in our Workboxes?

We first have group time that consists of Bible reading, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, Days of the Week Song, Months of the Year Song, and our Readers. Our Readers come from Sonlight Curriculum.

Then they work on their boxes. Here is an example of things I include:

  • Little Man's Spelling words for the week. He writes and reads these each day and then we take a spelling test on Fridays.
  • Explode the Code

  • Handwriting Without Tears 
  • Little Man will have a book to read to me.
  • Horizons Math

  • Geoboards
  • Boggle Jr 
  • Assorted Arts and Crafts: Modeling Clay, Painting, Markers, Letter of the Week craft for Princess, etc.
  • Draw Right Now 

  • Zoologic

Obviously all of these things are not done every day, and this is far from everything I might include. I find myself giving the kids things to do during the day that they thoroughly enjoy, but I might not have thought of pulling out before. I also might include a fun snack in one box which they love to open up and see.

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