Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally! The Bar Stool......

These have been finished for a long while now. My life got crazy busy and I just have not had time to do any crafty projects or posting. I am ready to jump back in and get my hands dirty now!

After adding the workboxes to our dining room for homeschooling, I no longer had room for all 3 I had made, so I now have 1 unfinished bar stool in our basement. Im a little disapointed in that, but alas the kids eduction comes first!

So, I know we have been waiting FOREVER on these! Hope you like them!

My computer is being weird! So, everybody turn your head completely to the side!

I got the pattern from Ana White. I have talked about her site a while ago. It is amazing! It is full of inspiration and will make a wood worker out of anybody. I started with a doll bed for a Christmas gift and this was my second project.

Coming soon....a headboard I made from cabinet doors!

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