Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fleece Winter Hats

When I saw this post at From An Igloo I immediatly wanted to rush to the fabric store, grab some fleece and get sewing! It took me a little longer than I cared to get around to making them, but seeing as we are still in the 80's here during the day, I'm pretty sure I got them made in plenty of time for winter!

These were surprisingly easy to put together. The hardest part for me was getting the dinosaur spikes onto Aiden's in the right postitions. I got both of them done in one afternoon WITH all 4 kids running around, so it cant be too bad right?

They LOVE them. Kylie went to bed with hers last night and has already adorned it this morning. Hopefully, they will make it to winter!

BUT...when I saw this for $4 in our Target ad this morning...

My heart did drop a little. Oh Well! I still think mine are cuter AND mine cost probably $4 TOTAL for the two WITH fabric left over! I might even have enough to make two mini ones for the babies =)

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